The problem

The IR35 landscape is becoming more challenging

From April 2021 private sector clients will carry IR35 risk and will decide IR35 treatment. Many have started implementation, and it’s not yet clear how they will respond to the government-announced 12 month delay

Government clients have already implemented IR35

Demonstrating substitution is a key component of keeping an assignment outside IR35

IRC substitution solution

The IRC members network  provides a credible pool of potential substitutes

IRC manages a simple process for providing access and provides an independent confirmation statement that can be provided to potential clients

Members can demonstrate exercisable substitution capability, supporting the case for assignments remaining outside IR35

Features of IRC substitution


IRC provides access to a network of trusted independent consultants for nomination as substitute

IRC membership and substitution process demonstrates you have the means to provide a substitute if needed

Option to nominate a named substitute if required

Benefits of IRC substitution

Effective substitute demonstration supports assignments remaining outside IR35

Named substitute option is expected to satisfy even the most stringent assessment criteria

Low cost and simple administration

IRC provides supporting information for use by members negotiating IR35 treatment with potential clients

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