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The problem

Managing workload peaks and troughs is difficult for independent consultants

Some projects might need a team or specific skills

The person who hears about a project isn’t necessarily able to deliver it

We want to keep the benefits of low cost and agility that come with independent consultancy, while accessing a bigger pool of resources

IRC Cloud Consulting solution

There are a number of independents out there, mostly trading through Ltd company

IRC establishes ‘cloud consulting’ using a network of independent consultants to find the right expert and/or build consulting teams without the overhead of Account Managers, Finance and HR

It’s a network of trusted individuals – we don’t want to expend effort and cost vetting strangers.

Features of IRC Cloud Consulting

Incentive payment for the person who finds the opportunity

High enough to make it worthwhile passing on opportunities

Low enough that there’s a benefit to the consultant executing the work

Benefits of IRC Cloud Consulting

IRC ‘cloud consulting’ approach helps consultants connect with projects without the overhead of a big organization

Earn fees by finding work – if you’re well connected and get wind of more projects than you can deliver on your own, IRC can help you benefit from that

Benefit from having marketing eyes and ears in more places - if you’ve got capacity spare and are looking for work, IRC may be able to put you in touch with a new client and project

Put an ad hoc team together quickly and easily to deliver bigger jobs

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